Chances are, you have more than one email address. You have your work email, personal email, and you might even have several email addresses to maintain at work.

If you have several Gmail accounts, then creating Chrome profiles can greatly help your browsing experience in Google Chrome as you switch between accounts. In this video, I’ll give you some tips on how to create and manage your Chrome Profiles.

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6 thoughts on “How to Create Google Chrome Profiles

  1. Daniel Reply

    Great tip. I was struggling with multi login from Google and sometimes the “Standard” Google Account changed without my doing it. Now I will have different profiles for my different Google Accounts and can switch without any hassle.

  2. Google Gooru Post authorReply

    it is a really great feature! I only found this a few months ago, but I can’t imagine working without it at this point.

  3. Justin Scoggin Reply

    Hi, thanks for this video. I always have 2 gmail accounts open at the same time, one I use for personal stuff and another for work stuff. I have one open in Chrome and the other in Firefox because I use Drive on both of them and don’t want the computer to get confused about which account I am using for each document. If I use the strategy you propose in the video, can I use drive for both accounts simultaneously?

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      Absolutely. I normally have three different Gmail / Google Apps accounts open, in three different windows, with three different profiles, all using Drive.

      I never have any issues, and that’s one of the reasons Chrome is so great!

  4. Graham Hall Reply

    We use different tabs showing different accounts in the same instance on Chrome,using (where NNN is from 0 to I’m not sure how many!).
    I have three accounts in three tabs in my browser (/u/0, /u/1, /u/2). We use /u/0 for our personal mailbox and then have shared ones in the other tabs.
    You don’t get access to Drive on the other accounts but you can get to calendars and contacts as well as the mailbox. I’ve got different themes on them so I can tell which is which!

  5. Brendan Reply

    Nice to update this and explain the link data option that pops up when making a new profile users are not sure to click this or not during this process.

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