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How to Create and Reserve Appointment Slots

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We previously posted a video on workarounds for appointment slots, the popular calendar feature that was to be retired. Shortly thereafter, Google announced they would be keeping appointment slots, so we thought it would be a good time to introduce our video tutorial on the subject.

Appointment slots allows users to set aside blocks of time on their calendars where their colleagues, clients or students can reserve specific portions. Each calendar also comes with a unique URL for the appointments page, so it can be easily shared or embedded.

This feature has become especially popular in the education community, where it’s perfect for teachers who want to specify ‘office hours’ on their calendars. A great way for teachers to use this feature is to create a group for all of their students, and invite that group to their appointment slots.

There are plenty of other use cases as well, like small business owners who want to inform their customers of their availability. Appointment slots is a really useful feature, so learn more about it in this Gooru video!

Note – Here is a link to Google’s original announcement that Appointment slots will be retired. An update is featured at the bottom of the announcement indicating that Appointment slots will continue to be supported for Google Apps for Business, Education and Government users only.

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