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How to Create a SharePoint Blog

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Today, there are dozens of platforms and publishing options if you wish to create a blog. But if you’re seeking to blog for an internal audience in your organization, creating a SharePoint blog is your best bet.

You can use the blog for whatever you wish — for example, an executive could share quick tips and motivational thoughts on a blog every morning, or an account manager could record success stories with customers that the whole organization can access.

To create a SharePoint Online blog:

  1. From the SharePoint site where you wish to create your blog (i.e. your team site), click the settings gear and select Site Contents.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click new subsite.
  3. Enter a name for your blog in the Title field and an optional description.
  4. Enter the end of the URL that you’d like to use for the blog in Web Site Address, i.e. “blog” or “teamblog.”
  5. On the Collaboration tab, select Blog.
  6. Set user permissions, either inherited from the parent site or unique permissions. If you choose to set unique permissions, you’ll need to set them up after creating the blog.
  7. Under Navigation Inheritance, select Yes or No to use the top navigation bar from the parent site.
  8. Click Create. Your blog will be created.

You can create your first post by clicking Create post. You can even publish from Word!

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