Pivot tables help you summarize and analyze large data sets by displaying the information in more digestible formats. They make it much easier to take out small pieces of information and conclusions from a large set of information.

  • To create a pivot table in a Google Sheet, first select all of your data.
  • Then go to Data on the top menu.
  • Select Pivot Table.
  • Once you click on Pivot Table, you will be led to a new page on your Google Sheet with your pivot table.
  • On the right side of your screen, you can determine the rows, columns, values, and filters for your pivot table.
  • Once you set your values, you can also create a chart out of your data.
  • To create a chart, click on Insert Chart on the top navigation menu.


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11 thoughts on “How to Create a Pivot Table in Google Sheets

  1. Alicia Reply

    Hi there Google Gooru,

    I created a Pivot Table but the data for that Pivot Table is updated on a daily basis.

    Is there a way for the data range of the Pivot Table to automatically update? Currently I have to manually update the range in order for the Pivot Table to be accurate.


    • Google Gooru Post authorReply

      Hi Alicia,

      In the Report Editor, do you have the option to ‘Update table on each change’ selected?

      • Alicia Reply

        Correct, but the range for the Pivot Table does not automatically update when the data table is updated with more rows.

  2. Catherine Reply

    Hi Gooru,

    Is there a way to do a side by side chart, with 2 x y-axis in a Google spreadsheet?

  3. Finn Reply

    Great site!

    I’m creating a google spreadsheet pivot chart –and trying to remove the grand totals.
    I have data label called “priority 1” in “rows” and the same in “values” so i can count each unique text and count the number of times one appears, and then show that in a pie chart. any ideas on how to remove the grand total? it is showing as a separate pie slice and making the whole pie off.

    Thank you,


  4. zack Reply

    Hi, previously i am using excel and do my pivot table from excel. How do i open my excel file in google spreadsheet and do the pivot table. I have tried open but unable to do the pivot table. Please help.

  5. B.Baker Reply

    I collect data for 500+ students. Each quarter I need to add another score so that by the end of the year I have all 4 scores for each student. each quarter I add the new data sheet to the workbook. At the end of the year I have to look on 4 different workbook pages to see a students scores to check progress. I would love to have all scores on one workbook page. Is this possible?

    • The Gooru Post authorReply

      You can use the IMPORTRANGE function to pull data from multiple sheets into one sheet.

  6. Barnabas Reply

    Hi Google Gooru,

    I had a buddy create a pivot table in excel and I’m trying to duplicate it in google sheets but am having trouble. Any chance I send you the excel and get some direction on how to generate the same pivot table in google sheets?

  7. Ann Marie Reply

    Hi, I have watched the tutorial and another one. For a few hours, I have tried to sort the names of students and the number of unexcused absences and the number of tardies. I simply cannot get the pivot table to work.

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