Hyperlinking text in Google Sheets has never been easier. In Google Sheets, you can hyperlink your cells in four easy ways.

If making a hyperlink easy wasn’t enough, Google Sheets also handles email addresses very well. If you hyperlink text and use an email address as the link, Google will automatically create a mailto link, which will open up a new compose window with your contact’s address pre-filled when clicked.

From the Google Support Site:

  1. Find and open your spreadsheet.
  2. Click the cell in your spreadsheet where you’d like the link to appear.
  3. Choose from the following options:
  4. Click the “Insert” drop-down menu and select Link.
  5. Click the link icon in the toolbar.
  6. Right click in your spreadsheet and select the Insert link option.
  7. Use the Ctrl + K keyboard shortcut (Cmd + K on a Mac).
  8. In the “Text” field that appears, type or edit the text you’d like displayed in the cell containing the link. Leave this field blank if you want the full URL to be displayed in your spreadsheet.
  9. In the “Link” field, you can either paste a URL or email address, or type in the field to begin a search of relevant links across web content and your Google Drive files. You can also click Find more below the search results to browse additional options.
  10. Click Apply.

Hyperlink text in Google Sheets


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59 thoughts on “How to Add a Hyperlink to a Google Sheet

  1. Pooja Reply

    What if I have a list of number that represents a revisopn number and I wanted to create a hyper link to the the list of the revison number such that clicking on that number should take be to the associated description link of that revision?

    • Angelo Cabrera Reply

      Hi, if you want to concatenate cell values to the hyperlink use the & string concatenation:

      hyperlink(“mailto:john@mail.com?subject=Subject&body=Hi, please check this task: ” & D4;”john@mail.com”);

  2. Pooja Reply

    Is it =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE(“http://revision=”,C2,”.com”), C2)

    Is there a way I can replace C2 with this ?

  3. Google Gooru Post authorReply

    Hi Pooja – not sure if I understand your question correctly. If you could post a sample copy of your spreadsheet here (just the share link, make sure anyone with the link can edit) then I will be happy to take a look.

    • Roby Reply

      How can I put links (not the long one) with different name? For example, the original URL to another link would go something like this: http://blablablablabla.html

      So, instead of simply copying and pasting the long URL. I would like to ‘hyperlink’ it with the word: CLICK HERE or VISIT THIS WEBPAGE. I am using the ‘Edit Form’, the one with different themes that sort of looked like a survey form. I tried doing the steps mentioned above but the whole URL just kept showing up in the saved form. 🙁

      What should I do? Thanks in advance.

      • Google Gooru Post authorReply

        Hey Roby,

        Unfortunately the video above only applies to cells within Google Spreadsheets, not Forms. As far as I know, there is no way to insert a shortened hyperlink, as you described, into your Form. The only way to even insert a link is by typing the URL into the description field.

        I’m sorry I couldn’t offer a solution, and I definitely share your frustration with this issue. There should definitely be a way to accomplish what you are looking for.

  4. vimal Reply

    Hi Google Gooru,

    I wanted to know, how can I place a hyperlink in Google spreadsheet which can open a doc or excel file saved on my local computer hard-disk.

    Let me know.

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      To place a hyperlink to your Google Doc, you just copy and paste the URL from your Google Doc and place it into this formula (in place of Google.com in the sample). Docs are all stored on the internet and all have a link that you can post as a hyperlink on Google Spreadsheet.

      However, you cannot post an Excel file as a hyperlink. You can convert the Excel Document into a Spreadsheet and then post the link to the Spreadsheet in the formula in this video.

      Here is the sample formula from the video: =HYPERLINK( “www.google.com” ; “Search Google”)

  5. JoAnne Reply

    Can I link within a google drive spreadsheet?
    I want a 1 word text in column A that is a hyperlink into a celll within that file

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      There is only one URL for each Spreadsheet, so you cannot link to a specific cell within that Spreadsheet. You can only link to another Spreadsheet. If you can tell me a bit more about what it is that you are trying to do, I might be able to help you further. In general though, adding a Hyperlink sends you to a different document, or website.

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      Yes, you can because each Spreadsheet has a different URL. Just substitute the URL of the spreadsheet you’d like to link to into the formula listed above. Note that when you press it, it will open it up a new tab.


      • Chandra Reply

        Can you give me an example of the formula.
        My requirement is below
        I have 4 few sheets totally, Main, Sheet1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3
        In the first sheet, I have three rows (for eg, Test 1, Test 2, Test 3)
        1. When I click the “Test 1” it should take me to “Sheet 1”,
        2. On Sheet 1, I have a link “Back to Main”, When I click it, it should come to “Main” Sheet.

        Similarly for other sheets too. Can you help on this? Thanks

        • Joydeep Reply

          First of all you will need to open all your sheets in different tabs (Not exactly a need but easier if you do it this way). Lets say on tab1 you have main, tab2 you have sheet1 and so on. Currently each of these tabs have the url of the particular sheet you want to access so url of tab1 becomes url of main, url of tab2 becomes url of sheet1 and so on.

          Now in main in any cell type the following =HYPERLINK(“Paste the url of tab 2″,”Sheet1”)

          In Sheet1 in any cell type the following = HYPERLINK(“Paste the url of tab 1, “Back to main”)

          • Fabricio

            Hi, is there any way to do this but pointing to a specific cell? I need to do some kind of FAQ in the first sheet and each cell should redirect to the specific cell in another sheet.

            (sorry for my bad english)

          • The Gooru Post author

            Unfortunately there isn’t a way to direct to a specific cell, and your English was great!

  6. Jesse Reply

    Hi I am wondering if links work within embeded spreadsheets? I created a spreadsheet with an image in a cell which is also a link, but when I goto the embded version of that sheet on my webpage, the link is null

    any fixes?

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply

      Hi Jesse – if the website where you embedded the spreadsheet is public, could you share the URL with me? I’d like to take a look.

      • Ivan Reply

        Thumbs up for this one.. I can’t get the hyperlinked image to work in the iframe.. works fine while in the spreadsheet, no reaction when embedded in the website.. any solutions?

  7. LT4412 Reply

    When I paste a link into a cell it creates the hyperlink that I want. BUT the dropdown, bubble/comment box displays “Go to link: http://… .pdf – Remove” The link is fine, I don’t want to remove it. And I no longer want to see this dropdown box b/c I’m ready to move on and it is covering the row below it. It is annoying. If I go out of the doc and come back in, it is gone – but I’m adding a lot of links, and don’t want to go out and come back into the doc. And I don’t want these little boxes continuously in the document. When I hit Esc it does not go away. Is there another button to press to take this box away?

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply

      Hey – Unfortunately I don’t believe there’s a way to change that behavior, and it’s definitely annoyed me before. I switched to using the arrow keys instead of the to navigate spreadsheets. You can just press the down arrow to go to the cell below that current one. Sorry I don’t have a better solution for you! happy new year

  8. Anne Reply


    Thanks for all of this wonderful advice. I was trying to make a home page with a table of contents to link to other spreadsheet pages within the spreadsheet. I used =hyperlink(“[page URL]”; “[name of page]”. A hyperlink comes up, but when I click on it, a new tab in my browser opens and it takes me to the home page I inserted the hyperlink on, not to the hyperlinked page.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply

      Hey Anne- Make sure you are including the URL of the new sheet you want to link to, considering each sheet has a different URL. Hope that helps!

  9. Vanessa Dine Reply

    Hi there:
    I have a question about inserting a link in a spreadsheet. I copied and pasted the above code a week ago into my spreadsheet and it worked. Today, I’m trying the same exact thing and the URL doesn’t turn into text. Even when I copied and pasted this: =HYPERLINK( “www.google.com” ; “Search Google” )
    It didn’t work. I get this: #ERROR
    Did google change something?

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply

      Hey Vanessa,

      I’ve noticed that copy/pasting the above code produces the ‘Error’ message you are referencing. Rather than copying and pasting the text, try typing out the code yourself. That should take care of it.

      Let me know if you have anymore questions!

  10. Celsus Reply

    It’s easy peasy in Excel – impossible in Google spreadsheets ? I have a .xls, the first 20 rows (screenful) of which lists a “table-of-contents” so-to-speak. On clicking one of these cells, the user is immediately transferred to the appropriate location within the same spreadsheet. Is this not possible in Google sites ?

  11. Nate Reply

    How do you put multiple hyperlinks in the same cell? I have a list of about ten items, and they all must be hyperlinked and be in the same cell.

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      Unfortunately it is not possible to put multiple hyperlinks into a single cell using Google Spreadsheets.

      A possible workaround might be placing a hyperlink into the cell that links to another sheet. This sheet could contain your hyperlinks in separate cells.

  12. Amber Reply

    Is there a way that google can generate the url based on information in other cells? For example I have a name in Column A1 that I want to be the anchor text and the long url in column B1. Is there a way that google spreadsheet and read those and combine them with a formula to make the url with the text from A1 and the website in B1 and put that link in C1?

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      It sure can. Just use the same formula as described in the video, but instead of typing in the URL and Anchor Text, use A1 and B1. For example, your formula in C1 would look something like this:

      =HYPERLINK(A1 ; B1)

      This should provide the exact same result as the formula described in the video.

  13. Rob Reply

    Is there a way to view, in the spreadsheet, the content of the hyperlinks? I mean, other than clicking on the links. There used to be a gadget called ‘Show and Tell Content Player’ that was kind of like a Ui App that basically embedded the URL content in the spreadsheet. You could also click “Next Page” and scroll through viewing multiple links in the spreadsheet. Like this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArE5e4EQFYLodHgxNFlhOW81VnZ6SlFWdWZUNDljd3c#gid=5

    But, Google is phasing out gadgets in spreadsheets. Looking for a way to recreate it.

  14. David Garretson Reply

    I using a Google Spreadsheet and have a static IP with file servers on our network at work – I want to be able to paste a URL to files on our local fileserver – is there a way to do this in Google Spreadsheets?

  15. elvis1 Reply

    Hi, how can I possible do a “mass” writing of :

    =HYPERLINK( “www.url1.com” ; “My url’s name” )
    =HYPERLINK( “www.url2.com” ; “My url’s name” )

    Appreciate it

  16. BuderimPaul Reply

    Is there a way to automate the GOTO link command so all URL’s in a google sheet can be opened with on command?

  17. rob Reply

    I tried the formula you have and I keep getting error: Parse error

    I tried the formula that google has in the functions menu. Their’s is a little different. Either way both gave me the same error.

    Wondering if it’s me

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      Make sure you type out the function yourself, rather than copying/pasting from this site. I’ve noticed that, while the function above is correct, it produces an error when pasted into a Google Spreadsheet.

  18. Tom Reply

    I was wanting to put links in my spreadsheet that would open files on my Google Drive. I have a monthly budget spreadsheet that I created in Google Docs that has monthly information on multiple credit cards. What I would like to do is create a link for each account that would open that months statement that I have stored on my Google Drive. They are Adobe Acrobat files. Would that be possible?

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      It sure would! When you open up your Adobe file, make sure that everyone you would want to view it is included in the sharing settings. Then, take the share link and use it as the URL in the hyperlink formula.

      Let me know if you have any issues.

  19. Shakuntala Reply


    When I add hyperlink, it always opens that link in new tab. I want to open that in same tab. How can i achieve this?

  20. Viktor Kamarás Reply

    Hi there,

    my question is and I hope you can help me. On mobile divece for example on a tablet if i open a google document in google drive (not from web browser), how can i insert a hyperlink to it.

    If there is already a hiperlink in the document i can open it with the “follow link” function, but not able to create a new hyperlink just if I open google drive in a web browser.

    Many thanx

  21. Sean Reply

    Hey, I am trying to add to my hyperlink address. I am scraping a site and instead of it coming up as


    It just comes up as :


    Is there anyway I can add http://thehill.com to the beginning of my hyperlinks?

    Something Like : hyperlink_(‘http://thehill.com’+B2,C2)

    Thank you

  22. KD Reply

    Hi — I am hoping you can help me. I am trying to insert an image (jpg file in Dropbox) into a Google spreadsheet cell. I tried using the formula =image(“URL”) — I tried it both with and without the quotes around the Dropbox URL. I keep getting a #ERROR: Parse Error message.

    Does Google have an issue inserting URLs for images stored on Dropbox?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply

      There aren’t any issues that I’m aware of. That Parse Error normally occurs when you copy/paste the formula, rather than typing it out yourself. Try that and like me know if you have the same issue.

  23. Deb Reply

    I am tracking registrations on one Google spreadsheet and I would like a copy of that spreadsheet in another workbook that will automatically update when I change the original. Is that possible?
    Thanks so much for your time!

  24. Catriona Brown Reply

    Hi – i have created a simple monthly budget for our small business on Google spreadsheet, each tab a different month of income and expenditure. – i want to create a summary page. the summary page will have rows on left of months of the year, columns above of expenses. So, for instance in F10, on summary page, i want the January expenses for transport to appear – how do I link that cell to the relevant cell on the January page?

  25. wes Reply

    is there a way for the link to be a ” 1 click ” link directly to the url from the anchor text in the spreadsheet?

  26. chris Reply

    is there any way to create a script that you could paste in the URL, hit enter, then paste in the anchor text, and then have it create the hyperlink in the active cell?

  27. Noah Reply

    I take pleasure in, lead to I found exactly what I used to be looking for.

    You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have
    a great day. Bye

  28. Christy Reply

    I have a column, basically containing account numbers. I have added a hyperlink to each of the account numbers to take me to an external website pulling up their account. My question is, can I still sort the sheet by the number (value) in the cell? As of right now, when I sort by account number, it sorts it in order of the url’s. I hope my question makes sense! Thanks for any input.

  29. Angelo Cabrera Reply

    Hi, if you want to concatenate cell values to the hyperlink use the & string concatenation:

    hyperlink(“mailto:john@mail.com?subject=Subject&body=Hi, please check this task: ” & D4;”john@mail.com”);

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