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Getting Started With Office Sway

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Sway is an Office 2016 tool that pulls many types of media into a presentation and creates compelling, interactive content. In Sway, users are able to create media-rich presentations that can be used for your next holiday card invitation, compilation of your travel photos, or your monthly newsletter for your department.

Sway is surely a way to capture an audience’s attention and present information in a fun and creative way.

To get started with Sway, we’ve created a video above with a sample project you can make in the Office 365 app. In the video, we outline how to start a presentation and experiment with the different formatting options for your photos, videos, text, and captions.

Additionally, Sway will go where you need it to be. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that users can take advantage of new Sway features on iPhones and iPads, and can import content rich pieces straight from OneDrive.

For more information on getting started with Sway, see this Sway tutorial.

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