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Get Wikipedia Data Right In Google Sheets

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Here’s a cool way to combine the power of Wikipedia with Google Sheets. The Wikipedia Tools add-on for Sheets adds in Wikipedia custom functions, so you can bring data from Wikipedia right into Sheets.

With more than a dozen functions, it would be tough to cover them all of them in one video. So here are just a few of our favorites.

  • In Sheets, go to¬†Add-ons > Get add-ons >¬†search for¬†Wikipedia tools.¬†Click on the Free button¬†button to install it, and allow it to access your Google account.

To see all available functions

  • Head up to the Add-ons menu >¬†Wikipedia Tools > Show documentation. From this dropdown menu, you can learn about each of the functions that this add-on has added to your spreadsheet capabilities.



  • Another way is to just dive right in. Choose any cell and type =WIKI. This will bring up the auto complete options that allow you to choose from the various functions that we’ve added.¬†If you just hover each item, you’ll see an abbreviated description of what the function does.



Let’s look at a few of these custom functions in detail.



This function will return Wikidata facts from a Wikipedia article.

  • To use this, type in =WIKIDATAFACTS(“. Next, you’ll need to enter¬†a language code¬†to indicate the language you’re working in, and then a colon¬†and¬†the search term.
  • So let’s say we’re searching for facts on Berlin in English. So we’d type in¬†=WIKIDATAFACTS(“en:Berlin”).



  • We immediately get returned a long list of Wikidata facts about Berlin that we can use to create a comprehensive spreadsheet with any of the data we need listed right here.




This is a great way to think about the different ways that people may think about or search for different pieces of information.

  • We’ll type out the function,¬†indicate the language again, and this time we’ll search for Chicago. So we’ll type in¬†=WIKISYNONYMS(“en:Chicago”).



  • Now we can see a widely varied list of synonyms provided for the Windy City (like “land of smelly onions“–who knew?).



That’s just a sampling of what this add-on can do. We encourage you to play around with it, as some of the other functions include the ability to provide translations, Wikipedia categories, articles around a common topic, and more.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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