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A Faster, Easier Way to Add Events to Google Calendar

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Quick Add isn’t new, but it’s still a handy time-saving shortcut for adding events to Google Calendar. With this feature, you can describe an event using natural language. Google will then automatically create a Calendar event based on what you write.

  • In Google Calendar, click the dropdown arrow on the  Create button button in the upper left-hand corner.
  • You’ll see the Quick Add bar open up. Here is where you’re going to start typing in your event, but don’t worry about using any highly specific format. Just type what and when the event is, and Google will understand the details and automatically create the event on your calendar for you.
  • For example, let’s say you have an upcoming dentist appointment. Instead of creating a new Calendar event and editing all the details the traditional way, just type in the Quick Add bar something like, “Dentist appointment next Tuesday at 1:00 PM.”



  • Just like that, Google will add the event to your calendar for next Tuesday.



  • By default, if you enter in a start time, Quick Add will create a 1-hour event. If you type “from 1-3 PM” or “for 45 minutes,” it’ll adjust the event duration accordingly. If you don’t enter a start or end time, Quick Add will create an All Day event.
  • You can add locations in the Quick Add bar as well.



  • Google will add the location to the event for you.



  • You can also add recurring events by using phrases like, “Repeats monthly for 2 months” or “Every Tuesday for 3 weeks.”

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