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Disable Lost or Stolen Chromebooks

2 minute read

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Google recently announced an update for Chromebook management in the Admin Console. This update allows you to put a stolen or lost device into a disabled state. This means the device will display a lock screen when it is opened and will be unusable until re-enabled by the admin.

To disable a device you want to take the following steps:

1. Open

2. Click on Device Management

Device Management

3. In the Chrome Devices section, select the devices you would like to disable

4. From the “More Actions” drop down select “Disable”

5. The chromebook will now log out any currently logged in users and display a message similar to this when turned on

6. To re-enable simply take the same steps yet choose re-enable from the drop-down

Note: Your devices may not be properly disabled unless your organization has Forced re-enrollment enabled.


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