An internal newsletter is a great way to update your organization on internal news and events. Unfortunately, a Google Doc is not ideal for the fancy formatting and intricate styling that is often necessary for such a publication. But what is the best option for creating newspaper style layouts in Google Apps?

Beyond being an excellent tool for making presentations, Google Slides has an amazing layout editor, which makes it the perfect option for designing your internal newsletter. Insert multiple images and separate rows of text, then use the grid lines to align them to your specifications. We take you through all the steps necessary to create professional looking publications, without needing to pay for professional publishing software.

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2 thoughts on “Design the Perfect Internal Newsletter in Google Slides

  1. Frank Reply

    Yes: I have been useing this method for creating my own online magazine:
    Google Docs is good enough and slides gives a totally free work-zone.

    Then I download my presentation as .Pdf and republish it on Issuu:
    – Viola: My Google presentation is transformed to a E-publish.

    There is work arounds in Google Docs for creating text for creating
    “school-news” a.s.o. but it is a time-killer and will never give as good a result
    as useing Google presentations/slides for it.

    Add the possebility for downloading the presentation as .Pdf and
    republishing it as .pdf on Issuu…

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