Did you know there’s an even easier way to access your Chrome Extensions? A few clicks within your Chrome browser can create custom keyboard shortcuts, opening your favorite extensions in seconds!

If you’re a frequent reader of this newsletter, you know we are big fans of keyboard shortcuts (see our Docs shortcuts video) because they are some of the best time-saving tools. This setting within your Chrome browser is no different.

One of my favorite uses is to open the Open Compose Window for Gmail Extension with a quick keyboard shortcut. This allows me to compose a new message anywhere within Chrome, and I don’t even need to have Gmail open!

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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Alex Sundali
Alex Sundali

Just watched the video on configuring commands but I cannot enter any text next to the extension I want to configure. The boxes are all grayed out. Any thoughts?

I learn so much through Google Gooru.



Hey, great tip.
Sadly, I cannot make it work.
I tried many key combinations but after pressing the keys the text box goes back to “not set”.
What could it be?