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Create an Outlook Task From OneNote

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Outlook and OneNote are great complements to each other, integrated more seamlessly than many Office products are at this point. We’ve posted before on some of these integrations, and today we have a new one for you: tasks.

If you create tasks while signed into Office 365 on the web, or you use the Tasks pane in Outlook 2013/2016, you can use OneNote as a shortcut to creating those tasks. With your cursor on the same line as the action item you’d like to turn into a task, simply click the Outlook Tasks icon on the Home tab of the ribbon.

From there, you can choose the task deadline, and it will automatically appear in both the Outlook 2013/2016 client and Office 365 tasks on the web. When you mark a task complete in OneNote, it will reflect in Outlook, and vice versa.

Check out the video above for a demonstration of this process.

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