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Create a Follow-Up List of Sent Emails in Gmail

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Quick tip on using the Multiple Inboxes Gmail lab and labeling messages as you send them to create a “Follow-Up list” of sent emails in your inbox.

1. While in Mail, click on the gear in the top right corner of your page, select Settings, and then Labs.

  • In the “Search for a lab” box, type in multiple. When the  Multiple Inboxes lab appears, select enable and Save Changes.

2. Return to Settings within the gear on the top right corner of the page and click on the Labels tab.

  • Scroll down to Labels and select Create new label.
  • Name this label “Follow Up” or what ever you would like to call it.

3. Click on the Multiple Inboxes tab.

  • On this page you are able to manage how your inbox is set up.
  • The Search query column specifies what emails will appear in this inbox, while the Panel title column designates what each inbox will be called.
  • I have my Multiple Inboxes set up with Pane 0 titled “Starred Messages” with “is starred” as my search query. Pane 1 is titled “Follow Up” with “is follow up” as the search query. Pane 2 is titled “Marketing” with “is marketing” as the search query. I have left Pane 3 blank, serving as my fourth inbox, containing all my other messages.
  • When you are done making these changes, click Save Changes.

4. To test this feature out:

  • Compose an email and attach the Label of your choice from the icon above your message.
  • Send your email and check the corresponding inbox to confirm it has been sorted correctly.

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