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Conquer Tab Sprawl With Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts on a Mac

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If you use Google Chrome and you tend to open up lots of tabs during a browsing session, it can get hard to manage and organize all of your tabs. Here are a few fast and effective keyboard shortcuts to conquer “tab sprawl” and navigate your tabs quickly.

  1. Command + L = Highlight the URL in a tab
  2. Command + Option = Navigate between tabs by holding these down and moving the right or left arrow
  3. Command + W = Close current tab
  4. Command + T = Open new tab
  5. Command + Shift + T = Open the last tab you closed
  6. Command + Shift + click a link = Open a link in a new tab

Note: These commands are for Macs. Most of these shortcuts will have an equivalent on the Windows version of Chrome by using the Ctrl key instead of the Command key. 

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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