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Connect Your Personal and Work Calendars in Google Calendar

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If you juggle multiple calendars, you probably waste time checking all of them to see whether or not you’re actually free on a given date. By connecting your personal calendar to your work calendar, you can check all of your most important commitments in a single glance (and keep the info private).

  • In Google Calendar, open up your personal calendar. On the left side of the screen, under My calendars, select the calendar you’d like to use (usually this is the one with your name on it; you may see Birthdays and Reminders calendars too). Click on the little dropdown arrow to the right of the calendar and then select Share this Calendar. Under Share with specific people, type in your work email address, and then click Save. 
  • Now if you look at your work calendar, you’ll see your regular meeting appointments in addition to your personal ones.
  • Note: People looking at your work calendar can only view your work events, not the private information that you shared with your work calendar. So don’t worry about people finding out when your dinner parties or dental appointments are scheduled, because with this trick, you can track it all in one place while also keeping the information private.

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