You might already know the basics for making awesome presentations using Google Slides. But there are a few more features you can use to make your design and flow even better. To learn a few advanced tips and tricks, check out the latest episode of The Apps Show from our friends on the Google for Work team.

In the most recent Apps Show episode, Googlers Drea Alphonso and Jimmy Tran explain how to create your own customized template by using master slides; how to embed YouTube videos or charts from Sheets into your slides; and how to use the new Slides Q&A feature. Check it out, and you might even catch their shoutout to BetterCloud’s popular tutorial on how to become a Google Slides artist with these 7 tricks.



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2 thoughts on “Advanced Tips and Tricks for Google Slides

  1. Patrick Reply

    Can’t view the presentation, it says is is restricted. ?

    • Richard Wells Reply

      It worked for me today using a Chrome browser in the USA.

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