A few weeks ago, Google released a new update for Google Forms. With this new feature, you can now insert images into survey questions or add images as multiple choices options.

Adding images to a question

  • For example, let’s say you have a question like, “Give me five adjectives you think of when looking at this picture.”
  • In the past, if you were using images in Forms, you would have used this button on the right-hand toolbar.

Google Forms update 1_final

  • But now, if you want to insert images directly into questions or answers, you need to access your images from a different place. When you type out your question, click the image icon on the right side.

Google Forms update 1b_final


  • You can upload an image, take a snapshot, direct the form to a URL, browse your Albums or your Drive, or do an online search for an image.
  • Once you upload or select your image, it will be incorporated right into the question.

Google Forms update 1c


Adding images as multiple choice answers

  • For example, let’s say you have a question like, “Which of the following images do you think best represents our brand?” and you want your answers to all be images.
  • Click into the first answer space, and then click the image icon on the right-hand side. Upload or select your image.

Google Forms update 1d_final


  • Repeat for the other answers. By doing this, you’re inserting the various image options as the answers in your multiple choice question, so that each answer is a different image.

Google Forms update 2

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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5 thoughts on “Add Images to Questions and Answers in Google Forms

  1. David Altfeder Reply

    Is there a way to allow people using the form to answer with an image? For example the question might be “Please upload your photo.”


  2. Nancy Reply

    Yes – I have the same question – can people upload an image as an answer to a question?

  3. sirion Reply

    I would find it immensely useful if we could insert images via script. This would allow me to automatically create a form for rating images in a folder.

  4. Darwish kgan Reply

    Which value of a digit is divided by this number as it moves to the right in the place value chart

  5. Ma. Soraya Salvador Reply

    What if there’s no image icon at the side of the option? :'(

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