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How to Add an Additional Email Account to Outlook

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If you manage multiple email accounts–and who doesn’t these days?–you can add them all to your Outlook 2013/2016 client.

Whether it’s another Office 365 for Business account (as shown in the video), a personal Gmail account, or something else, these steps will allow you to add that additional account to Outlook so you can see all your mailboxes alongside each other.

  1. From the File tab, select + Add Account or Account Settings -> Account Settings.
  2. Enter your information in the Add Account dialog box: full name, complete email address, and password you use for that account. Click Next.
  3. Your account will automatically be configured. Click Finish.
  4. You’ll be notified when the configuration is complete. Click OK. Restart Outlook to see it alongside your other mailboxes.

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