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6 Google Apps Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

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Efficiency is your best friend if you are trying to squeeze as much productivity as you can out of a 24 hour day. When you are building a lean startup you have different needs than the average Google Apps user. Whether you are building the next Facebook or selling homemade dolls from your attic, you should be taking advantage of these Google Apps tools.

Putting up a website in minutes and editing it on the fly without the aid of a web designer, we’ve got you covered. Whip up a professional looking business report to present to potential investors, Google Apps has a way. If you are hungry to build your business and want all the best tools to do so, try out the six below to get a taste of what is possible.

1. Make a professional first impression

When you are running a business, you are sending a lot of emails. If you want those emails to be taken seriously, you need a professional looking email signature. Google Apps makes it easy to make branded email signatures on any Gmail or Google Apps account.

2. See if your emails are actually being read

As a time-savvy entrepreneur, you know not to waste energy on dead ends. When you are emailing potential business contacts and not getting a response, how do you know if you are barking up the wrong tree? With email read receipts you can check if the emails you send are actually being read by their intended recipients. This can be a great way to see if a lead is worth pursuing or if it is time to move on.

3. Unlock the budgeting potential of Google Sheets

Time isn’t the only thing you need to be thrifty with when starting a small business. After all, the purpose of any business is to make more money than it spends. Keeping a detailed easy to read budget is essential for anyone navigating rough startup terrain. Use these tips to make the perfect budget in Google Sheets.

4. Create Automated Business Reports from Google Docs

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Every single metric of your operation is important to track. Not just for your own knowledge but also for any potential investors who want insight into the health of your business. Luckily, these business reports can be both beautiful and fully automated. This step by step guide will walk you through utilizing a simple script to create professional business reports from Google Docs.

5. Share without sharing everything

NDAs are all too prevalent in the startup world. It’s understandable, as no one wants to give away their secret sauce. We found a great way to share information in a Google Doc but while still keeping the secret stuff from being seen by the wrong eyes. Using this Chrome Extension you can share a doc and black out sensitive information for selected viewers so they only see what you want them to see.

6. Launch a website with no web design skills

Building a website used to be a long, complex process. Even using tools like Google Sites, it could take hours or days to build the simplest of sites. Now that has all changed. If you know how to create a Google Doc, you can create a website. This tool allows anyone to create totally customizable websites without any web design skills.

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