Create a customized email signature for your users in order to increase professionalism and brand consistency. Start from scratch or use one of BetterCloud's pre-made templates, then set a signature policy to ensure signature standardization and override any changes users make within Gmail settings.

  • Apply an email signature to individual users, groups, Org. Units, or the entire domain
  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to customize fonts, colors, links, logos, and images
  • Add contact fields which auto-populate for individual users based on the information within their profiles
  • Set a signature policy to re-apply the signature every day, week, or month


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply a uniform signature across my domain?

Yes. Navigate to Tools > Email Tools > Email Signatures, then create a new signature or select one of the templates. Once you've create the signature design by selecting contact and directory fields from the right-hand menu, continue to the next step, where you can apply the signature to everyone in your domain and set it to apply on a recurring basis.

How do I enforce a standardized signature for my users in Google Apps?

To enforce a signature, click "Schedule & Apply" in the third step of the email signature creation workflow. Here, you can name the policy and choose how often and when the signature policy is applied, effectively overriding changes users make on their own though Gmail Settings.

How can I prevent my users from creating their own email signatures in Google Apps?

Set up a signature policy within BetterCloud. By applying the custom email signature that you create on a weekly or even daily basis, any changes that your users make to their signatures will be written over.

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How to Create a Company Email Signature in Gmail / Google Apps

If you need something easy and powerful to have real control over your GApps this is THE tool! Great features and reports, Signature functionality is wonderful for giving a good branding company wide.

Federico, @ Permasteelisa Group