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4 Useful Chrome Extensions for Working with Images & Videos

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If you’re a media professional, or use a lot of images or videos in your work, you’ll find these Chrome extensions useful. These simple extensions are handy for watching videos, taking screenshots, recording videos, and bulk downloading images from websites.



MediaPlus is an extension that gives you total control over media (like videos, games, and images) that you view in the Chrome browser. You can resize media, isolate it, and move it. You can even darken the areas around videos so you can watch them distraction-free.




Lightshot is a great, fast way to take screenshots. Once you install the extension, you just have to select an area on your screen, edit your screenshot, and then you can share it with other users. This is a very handy tool for quickly capturing content to include in social media posts, blogs, or articles.



Screencastify is a video screen capture program. This extension lets you record all screen activity inside a tab (including audio), so that you can quickly create screencasts for presentations, tutorials, and more. If you only need small clips that you simply want to upload to YouTube, this tool offers a very cost-effective alternative to more complex solutions for screen capture video production.


Image Downloader


Image Downloader is incredibly helpful if you’re looking to bulk download images from a webpage. You can download images and filter them by width, height, and URL. This way, you can find the exact ones you’re looking for quickly, without having to go through and download each on a case by case basis.

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