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3 Ways Inbox Might Be Better Than Gmail

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Inbox by Gmail, which bills itself as “the inbox that works for you,” has been around for almost two years now. If you haven’t tried it yet, why not give it a whirl? Here are three great features that might make it better than Gmail.

1. Integrated reminder system

In Inbox by Gmail, it’s super easy to set up reminders from right within your email interface, rather than creating reminders in a separate program.

  • Click on the red circular plus icon in the lower right-hand corner and then choose the reminder icon (the finger with the string wrapped around it).
  • Type your reminder and click Save.


  • Your reminder will now appear at the top of your inbox. You can also click the clock icon on the right to snooze until you’re ready to take care of your reminder.


Certanly, this is not a replacement for Google Calendar, but for small personal tasks, having this reminder system integrated so cleanly into the email workspace is a great feature.

2. Bundles

This might be the biggest timesaver in Inbox. Instead of having to work your way through each message individually, you can create bundles in Inbox where certain categories of messages like promotions, purchase histories, and updates are grouped together into a bundle. Everything is organized and contained, so you don’t have to spend time on it until you’re ready to.


You can create custom bundles and customize rules (based on sender or subject line) for what should be included in a bundle. It works similarly to a filter in Gmail, except the result is this neatly packaged and organized bundle.

3. Highlights

The Highlights let you see the key components of an Inbox message without ever having to open it. For example, if a file has been shared with you, you will see the file name right in the main inbox display, and click on it to open that file without ever having to open a message.


If you’ve got shipping details or photos within an email, they will also display right in Inbox. This makes gathering the key points of your message a matter of just scanning down a single page without having to open message after message, bringing the simplicity and speed back to email.


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