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3 Updates to Google Classroom You Need to Try

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3 Updates to Google Classroom

Recently they made three major updates to Google Classroom that a lot of teachers had been requesting. All of the updates surround the grading tools and relieve a lot of pain points.

These new additions include the ability to sort your list of students from the assignment screen, an option to add private comments when returning graded assignments, and a new and improved method for downloading all of your student’s grades. Take note as we show you where to find these new features and how to use them.

1. Sort order

You now have different options of sorting students in the list in the assignment screen.

2. Private Comment

When you are returning an assignment to a student that is graded a screen pop ups that allows you to add a private comment to send to the student at that time.

3. New way to download all your grades from the gradebook

We recently showed you how to export your gradebook to a CSV. Now, Google has added the option from the same gear icon to export it straight to Google Sheets.

Keep those user recommendations coming to Google! Some day you may see a feature YOU suggested in Google Classroom!

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