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3 Tips for Improving Your PowerPoint Presentations

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Here are three ways that you can take an average PowerPoint presentation to a truly great one. Hopefully, these three little tricks will help you create memorable lectures, pitches, or presentations.

Make sure your alignment is consistent

Misaligned graphics make a presentation look a little slipshod and amateurish. So, to correct this problem, select all of the objects you want to align by clicking one and then holding down Shift as you click the rest of them. Then, head up to the Align button up at the top. Now you can choose how you would like to align the objects so that they line up consistently across the slide.

Tweak your visuals

You can tweak photos after you’ve inserted them in order to make them a little more visually interesting. Once you’ve inserted a picture, click on the Format pane to open the on-board editing options in PowerPoint. For instance, you can use the sliders to add a reflection to your image. You can rotate it in three-dimensional space. You can also click on the Artistic Effects button to apply visual filters to the image.

Check your transition durations

Make sure you actually watch your transitions in playback mode and see whether they’re flowing too quickly or too slowly. Open up the Transitions tab, where you can adjust the time. You can also adjust the style of transition, but be aware of getting too busy with that–too many wild transition effects can make a presentation look a little dated, and can subtract from your central message.

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