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3 Easy Ways to Download Images from Google Docs

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If you’ve ever tried to download or save an image from a Google Doc, you know it can be frustrating‚ÄĒyou can’t just right-click and save. Luckily, there are a few workarounds. Here are three easy ways to download images from any Google Doc. ¬†

 Method one: Publish the Doc to the web

  • In Docs, click on¬†File > Publish to the web > Publish > OK.¬†

Publish to the web 0


  • On the next screen, you‚Äôll get the public link to the Doc. Copy that, and open a new tab.

Publish to the web 1


  • Paste in the link and go to the document. Right-click the image you want and choose “Open Image in New Tab” to get to the isolated image file.

Publish to the web 2


  • Right-click it again, and choose “Save Image As” to download the full-sized image to your computer.

Publish to the web 3


Method two: Save it as an HTML file (good for multiple images)

  • In Docs, go to File > Download as > Web Page (.html, zipped).

Download as webpage


  • Download the file, extract it on your desktop, and then navigate into the images folder, where you can find all of the images that were contained in the file.

Download as webpage 2


Method three: Use this nifty add-on

  • In Docs, go to¬†Add-ons > Get add-ons >¬†search for¬†Image Extractor.¬†Install the add-on, and allow it access your Google account.

Get add-ons


  • Again in your Doc, head back up to¬†Add-ons >¬†Image Extractor > Start.
  • Choose the image you want to download, name it in the text box appearing on the right side of your screen, and click¬†Download image.¬†

Add-on 3


And just like that, your image will immediately start downloading.

add-on 4

Bonus tip

Our friends at Hacking Revenue figured out an additional way to download images from Google Docs. Check it out here!

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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