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User and Settings Alerts for Google Apps Admins

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A big part of a Google Apps Admin’s job is keeping their users and domain secure. The Google Enterprise team wants to make that process as easy as possible, so they recently updated the Admin Console to provide email alerts for important actions.

The new Alerts section of the Admin Console is divided into two sections: Users and Settings.

The Users section provides alerts for a number of activities, including suspicious log-in activity along with admin changes. For example, Admins can be notified whenever a new user is created to stay on top of onboarding needs.

The Settings section notifies admins whenever a change is made to four of the most important Google Apps: Gmail, Drive, Calendars and Mobile. This is particularly useful when there are several admins for a domain and you want everyone to be aware when a change is made.

To access the Alerts section:

1.) Log in to the Google Apps Admin Console from

2.) Click on the Reports icon

3.) Select Alerts from the side bar on the left-hand side of your screen

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