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The Top Office 365 Tips and Tricks of 2015

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The winners are in!

The year of 2015 was a hot year for content about OneNote, Outlook, and Word. These top performing articles brought in over 200,000 new and returning readers to our website. If you haven’t made your resolutions yet, learning these Office 365 tips is a good goal, as thousands of readers have already validated.

1) How to Delete an Unwanted Blank Page in Word

Have a blank page in Word that you just can’t seem to get rid of? This is a roadblock for many Office 365 users and this post may be just the trick you need! In this video, we demonstrate several methods for removing a blank page depending on the content in your Word document.

2) How to Recall Messages in Outlook

Second chances do exist in Outlook! We’ve all sent an email by accident that wasn’t quite ready to be read by the recipient. Outlook offers an option to recall a message and to notify your recipient to ignore your previously sent email. We all make mistakes, and Outlook understands the need to correct them.

3) 10 Tips & Tricks That Will Make You a OneNote Ninja

The OneNote app is a jack-of-many-trades application that enables serious organization. This list of 10 videos includes our top productivity tips in OneNote. Whether you’re a busy parent making a shopping list, a software developer providing notes to a project manager, or a sixth-grade teacher assigning a collaborative class project, OneNote can make your life easier–and who doesn’t want that?

4) What’s the Difference Between OneDrive and SharePoint?

Let’s be real–OneDrive and SharePoint are easy to confuse. We’re here to clarify the similarities and differences with a comparison table and a breakdown of the basics.

5) What To Do When Your Office App Won’t Open

Oy vey, it’s that message again: “Microsoft Word has stopped working.” Obviously, this isn’t the most welcoming message to see as you’re trying to complete work and get on your way. However, this list of troubleshooting options might make that annoying message disappear!

6) How to Add an Image to Your Email Signature in Outlook on the Web

Need to spice up your signature or leave your reader with a memorable signature? One way to do that is to add an image to your signature. Adding an image to an email signature in Outlook 2013/2016 is as easy as clicking an icon and navigating to a saved image file. But what if you use Outlook Online/the Outlook Web App? As we know, signatures added in Outlook 2013 do not show up in the Outlook Web App; you have to create signatures in both places. While the method is not as straightforward as it is in Outlook 2013, it is possible to add an image to an email signature in the Outlook Web App.

7) Change What Your Unread Messages Look Like in Outlook

We’ve all got our own system when it comes to our Outlook inbox and sometimes changing the colors can make a difference to your personal organization. Color coding is a great way to develop memory and association with a certain subject. The Office 365 blue might start looking a little mundane, so changing the color of your unread messages in Outlook may do the trick to catch your attention.

8) How to Turn Off Email Notification Sounds in Outlook

Sounds like email notifications are common distractions in the workplace that can easily interrupt your focus. With a few clicks, you can silence the Outlook email notification sound and only check for new emails when you’re ready to read them.

9) Modify End Users Calendar Settings in Office 365

Say you’re an Office 365 administrator, and you allow your users to share their calendar information publicly, because they often hold meetings with people outside the organization and sharing calendar information makes scheduling much easier. However, to reduce the risk of users sharing sensitive data, you need to configure the setting so users are only able to share their free/busy times, not the details of their schedules like subject, location, and so on.

10) How to Create To-Do Lists in OneNote

As mentioned in the third article on this list, OneNote is a key organization app in Office 365 that might just be the breadwinner of organization of Microsoft apps. Making checklists is a built-in capability of OneNote that you can use for all sorts of different things. Perhaps the most obvious use is a to-do list, and in fact, the checkbox is actually called a To Do tag in OneNote.


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