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New Google Slides App for iOS Brings Even More Microsoft Office Integration

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Google has made a strong push over the last several months to bring more integration between Docs, Sheets and Slides and Microsoft Office files. While Slides has somewhat lagged behind Docs and Sheets, that is no longer the case with the brand-new Slides app for iOS.

Google Slides for iOS

Google has often preached that they want you to be able to work on any file, with any device, anywhere in the world with Google Drive. With the Slides app for iOS you can manage all of your Google presentations on your iPhone or iPad, as well as open, create and edit Powerpoint presentations.

In their official announcement, Google cites research stating 80% of Microsoft Office licenses are only lightly used, with most users not taking advantage of the full suite available to them. While Google may lag behind Microsoft slightly in terms of features, this research shows that not all of us need the full functionality provided with Microsoft. This update is also great for those of us who don’t necessarily work with Office files, but may sometimes need to view or make changes when working with collaborators.

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