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New Chrome Settings for Google Apps

< 1 minute read

An update to the Google Apps Control Panel yesterday (4/16) finally allows admins to create settings and policies for their users’ Chrome browsers. Previously available for only users of Chrome OS, this new update will only apply when users sign in to a Chrome browser user their Google Apps account.

One of our favorite additions is the ability to push Chrome extensions and apps out to users. For example, if an admin wanted to encourage adoption of Drive he/she could include Drive as one of the default apps for all users.

Like a majority of Google Apps settings, the new Chrome Settings can be applied to an entire organization, or just an organizational unit. This allows admins to create specific policies for different types of users.

To access the new Chrome Settings:

  1. Access the Google Apps Control Panel by clicking the settings gear in your Gmail inbox (must be a Google Apps admin)
  2. Select Manage this domain
  3. Select view all settings from the ‘Your Google apps’ section
  4. Select Chrome from the bar on the left-hand side of your screen

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