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Google Forms Can Now Predict Question Types and Suggest Answers

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Thanks to a¬†recent update, Google can now intelligently predict what kind of question you’re asking in Forms, and also suggest potential responses.

This is a fantastic time-saver. According to Google, this new update uses neural networks to predict questions and answers, and it gives you back 25% of the time you used to spend creating a Form.

Predicting answers

For example, let’s say you want to ask, “What day of the week would you like to have movie night?”

As you’re typing your question in Forms, Google will intelligently generate¬†appropriate answers (e.g., all the days of the week) right away.



By simply clicking “Add all,” you can instantly add all the suggested answers to your Form.

Here’s another example. Your question might be, “Do you want our new staff meeting to take place in the AM?” Google recognizes that this is a yes/no question, and it will automatically suggest “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe.”



Predicting question types

Say you’re trying to figure out what type of movie you want to watch. Your question might be, “On a scale of one to five, how much would you like to watch a comedy?”

Google automatically changes the format of your question to a linear scale.


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