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Custom Spacing for Google Docs and Presentations

< 1 minute read

A recent update to Google Docs and Presentations makes it even easier to customize the layout of your files. This is the latest of several recent updates to Docs and Presentations over the past few weeks.

Customizing the spacing in our files may not seem like a pressing need, but I’m sure many of you have run into a situation when the format of a Doc just doesn’t look right. We play around with the spacing of our text but no matter what happens it’s still not finished.

This update makes it extremely easy to customize the spacing of our lines, paragraphs and lists so you can set the spacing to what you need, not just what Google pre-determines for you. No one knows how your Doc should look better than you, and this update certainly gives you the freedom to make everything look just right.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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