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How to Create an Online Slideshow from Your Google Slides Presentation

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Want to share your awesome Google Slides presentation with the world? By publishing it to the web, you can.

  • In Slides, head to File > Publish to the web. 
  • There are two options here: You can either generate a link that you can send to anyone, or you can embed your presentation on your website instead. (Just copy the code it generates and paste it on your site).
  • There are a few customization options too.
    • You can set your slide size, set the timing for when slides should auto advance, start the slideshow as soon as the player loads, and/or restart the slideshow after the last slide, so that the presentation loops.
    • If you want to require viewers to sign in with their account on your domain, check the box at the bottom. This is a handy option if you’re creating private content that you want to share with people at your organization only.
  • Once you’ve customized everything to your liking, hit Publish > OK. 
  • Any changes you make to your presentation will automatically be reflected in the online version of your presentation, so it will stay up to date.
  • To stop publishing at any time, head to File > Publish to the web > Published content & settings > Stop publishing.

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