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How to Create a Calendar in Excel

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Excel isn’t just for financial or mathematical data. You can actually use it for all kinds of planning and organization.

Using an Excel template can help you take advantage of all that Excel has to offer; template types range from vacation packing checklists to student attendance trackers. Excel 2013/2016 and Excel Online provide an assortment of calendar templates that can be used for personal and professional life, and they can be customized for the year, month, and so on. Check out the video above for a demo, or follow the steps below.

To create a calendar in Excel 2013/2016:

  1. From the File tab, click New.
  2. In the¬†Search for online templates field, type “calendar.”
  3. Choose the style of calendar you’d like to use. Selecting an option will allow you to preview it.
  4. Click Create.

To create a calendar in Excel Online:

  1. From the app launcher, select Excel Online.
  2. Select a template from the “New” list, or scroll to the bottom and select¬†See more templates, and select a template from the list and click¬†Open in Excel Online.

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