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Add Custom Features to Google Forms with Add-ons

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With Add-ons available for Google Docs and Sheets, it was only a matter of time before these custom tools made their way to other parts of the Google Drive suite.

If you happen to use Google Forms on a regular basis, you have to be thrilled that Add-ons are now available there, as well.

According to the original announcement via the Google Drive blog, “Add-ons bring handy extras to your survey building experience, like setting a survey end date, sending custom emails based on responses, storing lists of choices that you frequently add to questions, and more.”

Just like Add-ons for Docs and Sheets, these tools are available from the new Add-ons tab in your tool bar and then clicking Get add-ons.


There are sure to be a number of amazing tools available shortly in the Add-on store, but here are a few the Google Drive team noted:

  • formLimiter: Close your survey automatically, after a maximum number of responses is reached, or at a date and time of your choosing.
  • Ultradox Trigger: Create custom emails, reports, invoices, newsletters, etc., based on information that people enter into your form.
  • Form Values: Store and pull from lists that you use regularly in Forms, like a list of staff, students, rooms, resources or anything you want.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Add-ons for Forms, but simple things like being able to limit the number of responses to a Form, closing a Form at a certain time and pulling in regularly used data are huge for power users. This update is another step (and a huge one) to make Forms a viable option for nearly any survey or data collecting situation.

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