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5 Secret Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts to Impress Your Friends With

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To get the most out of Google Drive, there are a few little-known keyboard shortcuts you can use. Here are five shortcuts for common tasks that’ll power up your productivity (and impress your friends).

n – Rename a file/folder

The typical way to rename a file in Drive is to right-click on it and select Rename. However, you can do this with a single keystroke instead. When you have a file selected, just hit the n key and the rename window will automatically open.

. – Share a file/folder

If you’re sharing a file, you usually click on the Share icon up at the top, or right-click the file and choose Share. But again, you can do this with a keyboard shortcut instead. This time, just select a file or folder and hit the period button. Then, the share dialog window will open and you can share it with others.

z – Move a file/folder

Moving a file or folder in Drive is an important tool for staying organized. Select the file or folder and hit the z key, and it’ll open up a window where you can decide where you’d like to move it.

s – Star a file/folder

Another organizational tool is starring items in Drive so that you can quickly pull up a list of the most important files you have stored. Typically, you’d right-click on the file and click Add Star. (These files are then easily accessed by clicking on the “Starred” list on the left-hand side of the screen.) You can star files even more quickly by just selecting them and then hitting the s key. To unstar the file, hit s again.

qq – Adjust the display density

Do you like seeing a lot of space between your files? Or perhaps you like a more compact view? To adjust the display density of your Drive file list, just hit and then q again. You can toggle through the settings (just hit qq again) to choose the display setting that you like best.

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