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3 Google Search Tricks Every Word Lover Should Know

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If you love to read or write, or you’re just a lover of words in general, Google has a few really cool search tricks that you might not know about. Here are three fun and useful search features that any logophile will enjoy.

See a word’s etymology

Google etymology dinosaur

If you Google “etymology [word],” Google provides the origins of the word, which can yield some fascinating insight. If you’ve ever wondered why we call dinosaurs “dinosaurs,” as you can see here, it comes from the words for “terrible” + “lizard.”

You can also click on the dropdown arrow to get more information about the word, like translations, additional definitions, and a chart showing usage of the word over time.

Track the popularity of a word over time in books

Google Books NGram Viewer

Another very neat tool is the Google Books Ngram viewer. This allows you to search for specific words or phrases to see how commonly they appear in the text collection of Google Books. For example, when we search for Albert Einstein, Sherlock Holmes, and Frankenstein, we can track the appearance of each of these terms over time with this graph. You can also embed the chart by clicking on the “Embed Chart” link to get a code snippet that will allow you to insert the chart in your website.

Find anagrams

Google define anagram

This one’s a fun one. If you Google “Define anagram,” Google will ask if you meant, “Nerd fame again,” which is of course an anagram for “Define anagram.”

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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