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Product Tip Tuesday: Automatically Secure Lost or Stolen Devices


April 30, 2019

2 minute read

ptt0429 lostdevice ftr

Lost devices are a headache. In an age when sensitive company and personal information coexist across cell phones, laptops, and tablets (the average person owns 3.23 devices and that number will only continue to rise), IT might feel the pain more than the person who left their phone in a cab.

In fact, according to our State of Insider Threats in the Digital Workplace 2019 report, 41% of IT and security professionals believe that too many endpoints (for example, a user’s device) make them most vulnerable to insider threats.

The difficulty of managing and securing devices has led to the $2 billion Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market, headlined by VMware AirWatch, MobileIron, and Citrix. Popular IDaaS solutions like Okta and 2FA software like Duo also help IT secure devices by enforcing multi-factor authentication. Long story short: Safeguarding sensitive data is more important than ever.

In BetterCloud, you’ve long been able to block or wipe a user’s mobile device as part of an offboarding workflow. Now, by leveraging our native connectors and the Platform API, you can automate your remediation response for lost devices.

Here’s an On-Demand Workflow we set up recently for a multinational customer who was feeling the pain of hundreds of lost devices each year:

Lost device BetterCloud automation remediation policy

As you can see, BetterCloud’s Platform API allows you to automatically take actions across your device security platforms to ensure you are responding quickly to a lost device event. BetterCloud can take similar actions across other IDaaS and EMM platforms, such as OneLogin or Jamf, if those applications are in your tech stack.

Note: BetterCloud’s Platform API is only available in BetterCloud’s Enterprise SKU. You can learn more about BetterCloud’s Platform APIs here or e-mail to speak with your customer success manager.