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Product Tip Tuesday: 5 Things You're Not Doing with BetterCloud (That You Should Be)


May 14, 2019

3 minute read

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When BetterCloud first arrived onto the scene in late 2011, we were a free product to help IT admins manage various aspects of their G Suite environment (this was back in the day when it was “Google Apps”).

Well, we’ve come a long way since email signature management.

Fast forward to 2019, and we’ve evolved into a powerhouse platform that can manage and secure any SaaS application—not just G Suite.

You might be surprised by our recent functionalities. Here are five things you may not be doing with BetterCloud now (but should be):

1. Automate offboarding for Office 365

BetterCloud has recently released several new actions for Office 365 that will save you time when offboarding employees. Now you can automatically remove a user from all groups, remove all of their devices, set an auto-reply, and more. Combined with automated steps for BetterCloud’s other connectors, these actions can get you one step closer to IT nirvana: one-touch offboarding.

2. Enforce MFA policies

At this point, multi-factor authentication is an established security best practice; however, enrollment often requires some course of action by the end user. This creates a challenge for IT teams. It’s difficult to keep track of who has or hasn’t set up MFA across various SaaS applications.

BetterCloud’s MFA alerts give IT and security teams visibility into which users have or haven’t enrolled in MFA for G Suite, Box, Slack, Okta, and Zendesk. BetterCloud also allows you to prohibit users from gaining access to sensitive data by placing them in a restricted OU until they have enrolled in MFA. Check out this post to learn more.

3. Make your workflows intelligent with Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Fields intelligently pulls unique values from across your domain, so your workflows, notifications, and tickets all instantly become more scalable.

For example, when you set a user’s auto-reply as part of the offboarding process, Dynamic Fields can automatically reference the user’s name in the subject line and intelligently direct people to their manager (see below).

(On a side note, keep an eye out this summer for an exciting new feature that will expand what you can do using Dynamic Fields in BetterCloud…)

4. Limit your number of super admins

“God Mode for SaaS apps”—that’s how we see super admins. When your employees’ privileges exceed what they need to do their jobs, your company’s data becomes vulnerable. In BetterCloud you can create granular role-based privileges and set a threshold for the number of super admins allowed for various SaaS applications. When that threshold is exceeded (i.e., a new super admin is added), you can receive a notification and automatically revoke that user’s super admin access until you can investigate.

5. Save money by freeing up underutilized licenses

We close with a quick tip that can save you some money. With BetterCloud, you can uncover users who are not using or underutilizing their SaaS licenses. Then, using an On-Demand Workflow in BetterCloud, you can send the users a message in bulk, wait a set period of days, and revoke their license automatically if they don’t respond. This On-Demand Workflow cuts costs and declutters your environment at the same time.
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These five examples are just the tip of the iceberg. BetterCloud can also automatically secure lost devices, clean up empty Slack channels, and more. Click here to see what else you can do with BetterCloud.