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Product Tip Tuesday: How to Cut Costs by Freeing Up Underutilized SaaS Licenses


February 12, 2019

2 minute read

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Welcome back for another Product Tip Tuesday. This week we’re back with everyone’s favorite: a money saving tip.

Do you have a user who has a Salesforce account but hasn’t logged in since 2015? Or an ex-employee whose Dropbox license was suspended, but never deleted? With BetterCloud, you can continually free up additional funds by proactively uncovering underutilized and suspended SaaS licenses.

What makes this feature so great? Well, our customers love it because it saves them hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. One customer saved $156,000 by freeing up 1,300 suspended licenses with the help of BetterCloud. Another saved $100,000 in less than a year.

You can uncover underutilized licenses by filtering BetterCloud’s User Grid by last login date, select the users who ostensibly aren’t using their licenses, and execute an On-Demand Workflow. This workflow can send the users a Slack message (or email, if that’s still your thing) asking if they need their SaaS license, then wait a designated period of time before deleting the license. If the user responds saying they still need their license, you can remove them from the workflow.

Last Login

This same process can be used to revoke the licenses of suspended users who have most likely left your organization. In that case, you filter the users by “Suspended,” select the suspended users, and then put them through a standard offboarding workflow. You can even transfer their important documents and calendar to another user before offboarding them in order to save any sensitive information.

This centralized view of users across SaaS apps, along with the ability to build customizable automation sequences, are features unique to BetterCloud.

For more advanced tutorials about On-Demand Workflows, check out this article in the Help Center.