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Product Tip Tuesday: Automate Offboarding for Office 365


April 23, 2019

< 1 minute read

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When it comes to offboarding, there’s a lot our customers can already do—whether it’s extending the power of BetterCloud to new SaaS applications with the Platform API, customizing the trigger that kicks off the automation, or creating offboarding “macros” with On-Demand Workflows. But now you can do even more.

Though most of the organizations we work with are primarily on G Suite, we’re seeing more mixed environments with pockets of Office 365. Recently, we’ve expanded our Office 365 offboarding capabilities to better serve these organizations and those who use Office as their primary cloud productivity suite.

For this week’s product tip, we’ll share a common template we’ve seen customers use to automate offboarding in Office 365. Here’s the workflow, which can be triggered by a user change in Azure AD or even Okta, Namely, or G Suite:

With this workflow, you can remove a user from all groups, revoke their license, remove all of their devices, and more. But offboarding goes beyond terminating access. This workflow also maintains business continuity by forwarding the user’s emails to their manager, automatically setting an auto-reply, and waiting for a set period of time before fully deleting the user.

Learn more on our website about how BetterCloud can help you manage and secure your Office 365 environment, or check out this step-by-step guide in the Help Center on how to connect Office 365 in BetterCloud.