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Moving Towards Zero Touch IT With BetterCloud and Jira Service Desk


December 17, 2021

3 minute read


Being in a Solutions Engineer role at BetterCloud gives me the opportunity to speak with a wide variety of organizations about things that matter most to them. What I constantly hear from IT leaders is that they are under-resourced and face a rapidly growing SaaS landscape. This means that IT is being increasingly drawn away from more strategic work and focusing too much attention on day-to-day manual maintenance.

IT teams also broadly recognize that this pattern can’t be sustained and that they need to introduce as much automation as possible. As companies make their way towards a zero touch IT model in which processes can run free of any manual IT intervention, they often start by automating their onboarding and offboarding process. This is a good place to start, but IT teams still spend too much time focusing on mid-lifecycle events, such as granting application access and requesting application license upgrades.  

The Challenge

Many user requests to IT originate in ticketing systems like Jira Service Desk. In the process flow diagram below, you’ll notice that after the user request has been submitted into Jira and assigned to an agent, IT needs to log in to the target application’s dashboard and make the change manually. 

This manual effort needlessly delays the resolution of the user’s request. It also dramatically increases the likelihood of human error. Not only does this put an unnecessary burden on the IT department, but it also causes the user to lose productivity as they wait to have their request manually fulfilled. 

The Solution

Integrating Jira Service Desk with BetterCloud reduces a significant amount of manual work and virtually eliminates the probability of human error. More importantly, this integration frees up IT to focus more of its time on strategic initiatives. 

BetterCloud empowers IT teams with an extensive native library of API calls and the ability to build no-code workflows to directly fulfill user requests automatically. This ensures that requests submitted in Jira are satisfied immediately and that users don’t lose any productivity while they wait for somebody to address their help tickets. 

In the diagram below, you can see that the process of routing a request for approval, granting access, and even closing the ticket occurs automatically and immediately as soon as BetterCloud hears from Jira that a use ticket has been submitted.

This example is fairly simple.BetterCloud workflows can span multiple integrated SaaS apps to achieve a wide range of interrelated IT tasks. By leveraging the tools that employees are already using to make their requests, you can help IT streamline operations and ultimately create a seamless experience for your employees.

Ticketing systems are ripe for automation and represent a huge opportunity for forward-thinking IT teams to automate what are today some of their most manual, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks. Integrating a ticketing system like Jira Service Desk can help your team on its journey to a zero touch IT operational model, saving you time and effort while enhancing your employee experience and improving their productivity.

Watch the short demo video below to see the integration between Jira Service Desk and BetterCloud in action:

YouTube video

What’s Next?

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