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Turn Your Favorite Photos and Videos Into Google+ Stories and Movies

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In the past year or so, Google+ has encouraged us to upload our photos for storage and sharing by doing some amazing things with them.

The Auto-awesome feature has made photo editing even easier, as well as automatically adding some pretty cool features. The Google+ team announced another incentive to upload your media to the platform by turning your collection of photos and videos into Stories and Movies.

Google+ Movies

Stories in Google+ takes your best photos and videos, pairs them with the places you visited and when you went, to turn them into an interactive scrap book. If you’re on vacation, for example, Stories can put together a collection of your favorite memories before you even get home! You can check out a really great example of stories above or test it out on Android / the web this week (with iOS coming soon).

While Stories is focused on pairing your favorite photos and videos with locations, Movies is more about capturing daily events and memories. Movies takes your best photos and videos, turning them into a full-featured highlight reel with effects, transitions and sound effects. Movies is available today for Android, iOS and the web, so be sure to check out your account!

To gain access to your very own Stories and Movies, make sure you back up your photos and videos to Google+

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