Google Apps is a great tool to share many documents with both internal and external parties. In today’s collaborative working world, it’s natural to have many people accessing the same document, but with sharing rights comes security concerns.

When a document is shared externally, it’s convenient to have certain features available that you as the owner can still control. These features include the ability to edit write and read access, and now, the ability to add an expiration date.

Over the next two months, this feature will become available. As an owner or collaborator on the document, you will be able to set an expiration date for users with comment or view access only. You will not be able to add expiration dates for users that are already listed as owners or have edit access.

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One thought on “Set the Expiration Date on Your Google Drive, Docs, Sheets & Slides

  1. Karen Norris Reply

    Is there an option to set this for everyone who has access (anyone in our OU with the link)??

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