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Power of Google Maps and Enhanced Search for Google Calendar

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Google announced a couple of updates to Google Calendar today, which aim to make the process of creating and finding events much simpler.

Google Maps Autocomplete for entering locations

Autocomplete for Google Maps

From now on, when you go to enter a location in the ‘Where’ field for your a Calendar event, you’ll be offered suggestions as you type. This is great for quickly entering in landmarks or other places around you. Once the event is created your guests can click the map link of the event page to view the location with Google Maps.

Enhanced search capabilities for Google Calendar

Enhanced search for Google Calendar

Google Calendars also now have a feature that we’re all familiar with in Gmail. If you’re looking for a specific email, but can’t seem to remember the exact subject, Google Search can pinpoint the keywords that you search for to help turn up your important emails.

This is now available in Google Calendars, so if you can’t seem to remember a specific event, just try searching for keywords or fellow attendees to find your events!

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