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Perfect Your Grammar and Spelling with This Chrome Extension

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Ever need a second set of eyes to revise your text for spelling and grammar? Let’s be honest, we all do and there’s a free Chrome extension that can help.

Grammarly is a Chrome extension that revises text you type in Chrome. It suggests corrections for you to make to your spelling and your grammar, and it even provides an explanation for you with alternative options to chose from. To learn how to use the extension, watch the video above and follow the steps below.

To install the Chrome extension:

  • Visit the Chrome Store.
  • Search Grammarly.
  • Select Grammarly, download it, and click Add to Chrome.
  • You’ll be taken to a welcome page, where you can automatically go to Gmail from the site and compose a new email.
  • A new Compose window will appear.
  • You can type your message and the in the bottom right-hand side of the message window, you’ll see the Grammarly logo.
  • If you made any mistakes in your text, the logo will read the number of corrections Grammarly suggests.
  • You can hover over the underlined text in the message of your body to preview the correction.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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