The new Compose button truly does offer a completely new experience on Gmail. The biggest difference is that it allows users to browse their inbox while sending an email. While some features (emoticons and event invitations) are still being worked on, the new Compose experience is a great improvement on the old one. Though it may take some getting used to, I think you’ll find it to be a nice update to Gmail.


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I`ve heard that this new compose way in Gmail Apps is now for everyone and not as a preview anymore.

But still many of my user in my organizations does not have the new compose way. Is there a way for an administrator to force this new compose to all the users? or maybe a way to do it by themselves on each account?

Thanks for your help!


It would be nice if the “switch back” option was even on my new format…’s not. I do not like this change at all and want to switch back. As the video shows upper right corner it suppose to offer this option but does not. Please allow me to switch back. I loved the old format and want it back please.

Colin McCarthy

If you check the Gmail post on G+ about the new compose window there is nothing but negative comments.

Also the Google Product forums have 1000’s of complaints. I hope Google change the new compose window as soon as possible and give option to have the old one back.

I’ve been using my new job’s Google Apps gmail in Mountain Lion Chrome (because I’ve been having problems using it in Apple Mail, but that’s a separate issue). I would like to know how I can ‘reply’ to a message and that the reply window appears on the top, or alternatively, that the most recent communication in an email string appears next to the window where I’m typing my reply. I have to continually scroll up and down the message to compose my replies because I can’t really remember everything I’m replying to! Help! Seems like there should be an… Read more »


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