The new Compose button truly does offer a completely new experience on Gmail. The biggest difference is that it allows users to browse their inbox while sending an email. While some features (emoticons and event invitations) are still being worked on, the new Compose experience is a great improvement on the old one. Though it may take some getting used to, I think you’ll find it to be a nice update to Gmail.


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8 thoughts on “New Compose Experience in Gmail

  1. Carlos Reply


    I`ve heard that this new compose way in Gmail Apps is now for everyone and not as a preview anymore.

    But still many of my user in my organizations does not have the new compose way. Is there a way for an administrator to force this new compose to all the users? or maybe a way to do it by themselves on each account?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      The new Compose Window is the default setting for most domains at this point. If it has not been set to default for your domain, you might be using the Scheduled Release option for Google Apps.

      Switching to the Rapid Release option will give you access to the new Google Apps features as soon as they’re available.

      Here’s a great article that outlines the difference between the two options, and how to get started with Rapid Release.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Dawn Reply

    It would be nice if the “switch back” option was even on my new format…’s not. I do not like this change at all and want to switch back. As the video shows upper right corner it suppose to offer this option but does not. Please allow me to switch back. I loved the old format and want it back please.

    • The Gooru Post authorReply


      This video was created when the new compose was first released. Now that Google is rolling the feature out to all users, the option to revert back is no longer available.

    • The Gooru Post authorReply


      What features do you no longer have access to in the new compose?

      • Colin McCarthy Reply

        Before you could hold SHIFT and click REPLY and the reply would open in it’s own window. This was great for those with second screens, being able to start replying to more than one message at a time and having full access to the Inbox.

        Gmail have removed that function and replaced it with this process.
        1- Once the message is open
        2- Click on SHIFT – R to reply to the message in the popped in window
        3- Click on SHIFT and click on the Pop Out button
        4- You will see that the window will pop out and you will be able to move the window.

        This has broken everyone’s simple work flow and made replying to messages a total pain.

  3. Rosi Reply

    I’ve been using my new job’s Google Apps gmail in Mountain Lion Chrome (because I’ve been having problems using it in Apple Mail, but that’s a separate issue). I would like to know how I can ‘reply’ to a message and that the reply window appears on the top, or alternatively, that the most recent communication in an email string appears next to the window where I’m typing my reply. I have to continually scroll up and down the message to compose my replies because I can’t really remember everything I’m replying to! Help! Seems like there should be an easy fix somewhere?

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