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Migrating One Google Apps Domain to Another with ShuttleCloud

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We recently used ShuttleCloud to migrate an older domain onto, and I thought it was very polished and easy to use. I’d highly recommend it for anyone that needs to do this kind of Google to Google migration, so I thought I’d post a video.

This video shows how you migrate one Gmail account into another individual Google Apps user’s account, but the process is pretty much identical when you do this for an entire domain.

1. From the ShuttleCoud Apps page, select Free Trial.
2. Choose the provider of the account you would like to transfer and enter the relevant information.
3. Choose Gmail as the provider of the account you would like to transfer to, and enter the relevant information.
4. Send an email notification to the same account you are transferring to.
5. If you are using the full version, enter the License Key and proceed.

  • If you are using the Free Trial, click Start Free Trial instead.
  • The process will be the same, however, the Free Trial will only allow you to transfer 100 messages from the old account.

6. ShuttleCloud will take control here and transfer messages from your old account to the new one.

  • This is a great tool that is extremely useful, as well as easy to use.

Has anyone out there used ShuttleCloud? If so, leave us a message in the comments section below describing your experience. Also, leave us a message if you have any questions or ideas for new videos!


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