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Manage Your To-Do Tasks with Reminders in Google Calendar

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You probably use Google Calendar to keep track of your meetings and appointments, but what about your smaller to-do tasks? Using the handy Reminders feature in Calendar, you can keep track of those too, enabling you to manage your day with one single tool.

Reminders are available on the web and mobile versions of Google Calendar.

How to create a reminder:

  • In Calendar, click on the day that you want to create a reminder for.
  • Then, click Reminder at the top of the pop up box. Here, you can enter in your reminder (for example, pick up snacks for staff meeting).

Google Calendar Reminders

  • The reminder is set for the time that you clicked in your calendar, but you can also choose to make it an all-day reminder by selecting the “All day” check box instead. If your reminder is something you need to do on a regular basis, like hit the gym, you can check the “Repeat” box.
  • You can specify how often the event should repeat, and how it should end (e.g., never, after a certain number of occurrences, or on a specific date).

Finished your task? Mark it as done:

  • When you’re completed your task, just select the reminder in your calendar and click “Mark as done.” It will then show up in the top of the day that you completed the reminder, regardless of what day it was originally scheduled for.

Reminders will sync:

The reminder system runs throughout Google’s ecosystem, and reminders sync between Google Keep, Inbox, and Calendar. The same type of syncing will take place between your mobile and desktop versions of Calendar.

How to disable reminders:

If you don’t want to see reminders anymore, head to the left side of your screen in Calendars. Under “My calendars,” deselect Reminders. Also, if you’re not seeing reminders that you’ve set up, make sure you don’t have a tasks calendar under this list. You can only view the older tasks or the new reminder system (not both), so if you see a task calendar here just click the dropdown arrow to change it to the reminder system instead.

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