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How to Use the Format Painter in Office: Our Favorite Tip for Cleaning up Formatting

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dkpurp cloud

The Format Painter in Office is the best tool you might not be using, and the video above will demonstrate how easy it is.

Essentially, the Format Painter copies formatting from one selection to another. Want to make sure your font size and color is consistent throughout a document? Change the style of all the shapes on a PowerPoint slide at once? Remove formatting from text you’ve copied and pasted from the web into your email? Use the Format Painter.

Here’s how to use Format Painter:

  1. Select the text, shape, cell, or other content that has the formatting you want to use/copy. You can either highlight the selection, or simply have your cursor within it, as shown in the video.
  2. Click Format Painter.
  3. Select or highlight the other content to apply the formatting.

Very easy and very useful!

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