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How to Use Tables in OneNote for Mac

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Tables are great organizational tools within OneNote, and they work quite similarly to what you’re used to in other Microsoft programs. Here’s how to use them.

To insert a basic table in OneNote:

  • Go to Insert > Tables.
  • Next, you’re going to decide how many cells you’re going to want by selecting them. Don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly how many you need just yet, as you can always edit this later.
  • You can use the buttons up at the top of the screen to add or remove rows or columns anywhere in the table. The green icons will add to the table, while the ones with Xs over them will remove rows, columns, or the entire table as required.
  • To delete a row or column, just select it, and then delete it using this button.

To change the background color of a table:

  • You can change the background shading of any cell by selecting a row first. You can select a row by either clicking on the arrow on the outside of the table, or by clicking into any cell in your desired row, and clicking the select row button at the top of the screen.
  • Then, to change the background colour, click the shading button and select your desired color.

To hide the borders of a table:

  • Select your table and then clicking the “Hide borders” button.

If you’re in the Windows version of OneNote, you’ll have some added functionality–the most important of which is the ability to convert a table to an embedded Excel spreadsheet. You make the conversion with a single button click, using the “Convert to Excel” button that appears when you have a table selected.

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